Ta, Thuy Kim

born in 1995

🌝 My CVs have not been updated since 2019



I hold a BSc in International Marketing from HS Pforzheim and a MSc in Information Engineering & Management from KIT.

I obtained the high school diploma 2 years earlier than peers as one in the top 10 students. Later, I would graduate among the top 10% of my Bachelor’s class.

Furthermore, I received a scholarship by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, one in 13 federal programs which support “bright minds that seek to bring change to society”.



For 15 months, I was an intern at

In part-time, I gained further 17 months of work experience being a thesis candidate at dm as well as a student research assistant at Fraunhofer ISI.




Aspiring to expand my horizon, I took extracurricular classes, spent 3 semesters in Monterrey, MX and Seoul, KR and love to attend seminars, conferences and the like.



Volunteering for children, educational equality and refugee aid is a matter of course to me.